We work closely with you to understand your business and develop a business development strategy around you.

At Junction 7 we are obsessive about measuring and performance – What gets measured gets improved. As a business development agency we believe you should have quantifiable results for your investment in us. We operate as an outsourced, cost effective function for Companies providing them with business development services.

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Marketing Automation

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We are certified Marketing Automation Partners and use our portal to nurture leads. We can integrate with your existing CRM or use our own.

We are Marketing Automation specialists and can utilise our platform and bespoke CRM to generate a steady flow of qualified leads. Alternatively we can integrate with your internal CRM system to ensure seamless client management and ROI reporting.

Multichannel marketing campaigns – providing focused calling and  team support  – analysing project data in line with agreed objectives.

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Drive More Leads

  • Identify anonymous website visitors.
  • Capture new leads through custom forms and landing pages.
  • Campaign optimisation.
  • Social media integration.

Convert More Leads To Sales

  • Custom lead scoring.
  • Email automation for lead nurturing.
  • Behaviour tracking for lead insights.
  • Automated notifications.

Analytics and Tracking

  • Comprehensive analytics.
  • Lead generation and conversion rate data.
  • Segment data.


Our clients are able to outsource the “pain” of setting up meetings with key decision makers. We work with CEOs, MDs, Sales and Marketing Directors and BD teams to secure a pipeline of high level, valuable new business opportunities.

Our team of experienced account managers can professionally represent your business at the highest level. We work with our clients to ensure we understand your key USPs and secure new business opportunities.

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Analytics and Reporting

Marketing is a blend of art and science. Marketing without measurable results and analytics is no longer an option. At Junction 7 we have a strong focus on KPI’s and ensuring our clients have the information they need to make informed strategic decisions. Through our marketing automation portal our clients have full access and visibility to how their marketing campaigns are performing and therefore can analyse what is working and what is not.

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